Creative Writing for Online Publishing

If you are good at writing and have a basic command over English, then you can easily get started with creative writing and publish articles online. Online publishing is an effective way to market your creative skills and it does not cost you much too. You can gain expertise in writing and publishing while at the same time make it interesting for your readers, too.
You can start first by choosing a topic and do sufficient research on the topic and gather subject matter for writing. The next task would be to structure the entire article, for structuring is very important for the flow of information.
A neatly structured article makes it easy and interesting for the readers to read through and remember. Therefore structuring of the article in organized way is important. You can start with introduction paragraph, carry the readers through the discussion and end it with a concluding paragraph.
You can structure the entire content into small paragraphs and number them as key point. An article can start with three points and go up to a max of ten to twelve points. While some people prefer having even numbered points, many are found to like odd numbers too. It really doesn't matter as long as the reader is able to grasp all the points and remember them easily.
You ask any reader, they will tell you that most of them do not read through the entire article, unless something holds their attention. They just go through the introduction paragraph, scan through the rest of the content and read the concluding paragraph. If you structure your article with points, it holds the attention of the readers and they are likely to go through in detail as well as remember the points you have made.
Introduce each point with a short subtitle that stands as the essence of the point. Following this you can structure your content into t a crisp, short paragraph. Number them to make it look neat.
Use catchy and attractive sub titles to be able to hold the attention of the reader. Readers while going through the article will read through the paragraph only if they find the title interesting or else are likely to skip the same and go on to the rest of the page.
Always ensure your articles are structured neatly and follow a logical pattern so that the reader is able to understand what you are trying to say and is able to follow you through. With above guidelines you will be able to improve your writing skills.